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"Cut 'n Edge" Swim Jig - Citrus Shad

"Cut 'n Edge" Swim Jig - Citrus Shad
Brand: PROvider Tackle
Product Code: Cut 'n Edge
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Price: $3.59
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This swim jig has it all. A cutting edge on the face of the jig to bring you through the thick grass where a swim jig is designed to go. 3D eyes, chip proof paint with flake for extra flash, awesome skirt colors and an Owner Super Strong 4/0 hook with a 30 degree bend for perfect movement through grass or around wood. It is very hard to get this bait hung up. Add a swimbait or craw type trailer and hold on! Art Ferguson has designed this with big bass in mind. After using several different types of swim jigs and designing the Cut 'n Edge Swim Jig, he believes the cutting edge of this bait makes it better than most. It truly comes through the grass better and hardly ever hangs up on wood. Order colors according to your preference. Lighter colors work great for fish on shad or baitfish bites and darker colors to represent bluegill, perch or crawfish.

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