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Wacky Rig Jig- 1/8 oz.- 6 pack

Wacky Rig Jig- 1/8 oz.- 6 pack
Wacky Rig Jig- 1/8 oz.- 6 pack
Brand: PROvider Tackle
Product Code: WRJ
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Price: $5.99
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The wacky rig is a skill technique used for fishing with a soft plastic lure.  Notable for its unique action even among soft lures, wacky style is used to heighten the chance at catching finicky fish on harsh days, although at the expense of lowering the chances of very large fish, because the size of the bait is very small, allowing bass of all sizes to take the bait. Unlike the texas rig and carolina rig, both sides of the wacky rig flutter, creating a more natural action. The name comes from its unusual style of attaching a plastic worm through the middle of the body instead on one end.

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